Introducing New Yamaha Exciter 150

  • 6 years ago
Yamaha Exciter 150 is a new upgrade based on the inspirational "Adrenaline of Speed" (excitement peak of speed). Exciter's superior handling of 150 upgrades comes from many new features in a sportbike style, promising to ignite speed passions, bringing more adrenaline to the Exciter followers. The Exciter 150 is equipped with a 150cc, fluid-cooled, electronically-injected engine with dynamic balance that has been adopted in many Yamaha sports cars. This engine combines the optimum DiASil aluminum alloy cylinder, excellent heat dissipation, light weight piston, roller type and eccentric cylinder to minimize power loss, and more. that's it. Continue to inherit and develop the design based on the legendary YZR-M1 supercar, the innovative equipment on the new Exciter 150 to pursue the trend of large bike sport bike: from the headlights LED, digital LCD screen, up to overfill button, overtaking engine, big sport wheel. All are aimed at bringing the "street king" to a new level, surpassing the rivals in the same segment.