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President Moon congratulates BTS on topping Billboard 200 chart

Arirang News
Arirang News
The worlds of politics and entertainment have collided here in Korea thanks to the extraordinary global success of the country's biggest K-pop band.
BTS are winning plaudits from President Moon and the Korean government for topping the Billboard 200 Chart with their latest offering "'Love Yourself: Tear."
Lee Seung-jae reports.

"Off the record. Our goal for this album was to be number one on the Billboard 200."

That "off the record" dream is now a reality with the K-pop boyband becoming the first Korean artists to ever top the Billboard 200 Chart with their latest album.
And it's not just the group's millions of young fans across the globe that have congratulated BTS on their achievement.
President Moon Jae-in took some time out of his busy schedule on Monday to tweet his congratulations to BTS,... saying their music and passion have given young people around the world "comfort and courage".
Saying "there is sincerity in the group's outstanding dance and songs",... President Moon said BTS's music "has power like magic, which turns sorrow into hope and difference in commonality".
The president also applauded the group for producing the first international album in twelve years to top the prestigious chart.
But the recognition didn't end there.
President Moon thanked the group for promoting Korean pop music on the world stage,... saying "the seven members have transcended the regions, languages, cultures and institution by putting who they are and how they want to live in their songs."
Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism also hailed the group via Twitter,... calling it "a new history of K-pop."
Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Do Jong-hwan said "the efforts and ambitions of the seven young members made it happen", adding that he looks forward to seeing them continue to spread the popularity of K-pop throughout the world.
Lee Seung-jae, Arirang News.

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