White Helmets Accuse Government Forces of Targeting Search and Rescue Operations

  • 6 years ago
The Syrian Civil Defense, also known as the White Helmets, accused government forces of targeting their search and rescue operations, as they released a video showing their panic after an explosion near one of their vehicles.The video is described as showing a barrel-bombing on a street in Douma, in the rebel-controled East Ghouta area. Members of the civil defense team have been working in the area. In the clip, the person holding the camera dodges into a hallway as the bomb approaches, before moving back out into a dust-filled street.There were numerous reports of airstrikes and shooting in the area on March 10, despite the presence of an International Committee for the Red Cross convoy on the ground in Douma.Also on that date, the White Helmets reported the death of Mohammad al-Masarwa, a former director of operations in East Ghouta. No details of how al-Masarwa died were provided, and his death does not appear to be related to this video. Credit: Syrian Civil Defense via Storyful