White Helmets Dig Out Civilians Trapped Under Rubble After Airstrikes in Idlib

  • 6 years ago
The Civil Defense Force in Idlib, also known as the White Helmets, published footage on December 28 decribed as showing a number of people being rescued from under rubble after bombs struck Sahyan, southeast of Hesh in Idlib, Syria.The Civil Defense reported that more than 15 explosives were dropped near civilian areas in Babulin, Dar es Salaam and Sahyan, killing three.Qasioun News Agency described the number of air raids in southern Idlib as a major escalation.While Qasioun News Agency said that the planes were Russian, Al Jazeera has reported that it is unclear if the airstrikes were carried out by the Russian or the Syrian Army.Al Jazeera also reported that Abu Alduhur military base was one of the targets of the campaign, which Turkey is said to want to use as an observation post. Credit: YouTube/Syrian Civil Defense in Idlib Governorate via Storyful