Chocolate Walnut Fudge Recipe | Christmas Special Dessert Recipe | The Bombay Chef - Varun Inamdar

  • 7 years ago
Learn how to make perfect & delicious Chocolate Walnut Fudge at home from our chef Varun Inamdar on Rajshri Food.

Fudge generally brings to mind a chewy texture and rich mouth-feel, which make one drool just at the thought of it. This Chocolate Walnut Fudge is sure to live up to your expectations! Little bits of walnuts are nothing short of a treasure in every bite, as they are an exciting contrast to the chocolaty sweetness of the fudge! Do try and post your comments below.


400 grams Condensed milk
120 grams Grated Dark chocolate
40 grams salted butter
400 grams toasted walnuts, coarsely crushed
100 grams toasted walnut halves for garnish
Red paper
Icing sugar


- In a pan, add condensed milk and cook it.
- While condensed milk is cooking, add chopped dark chocolate and allow it to melt completely.
- While the chocolate is cooking, add salted butter.
- On a low flame allow the mixture to boil for 3 to 4 minutes.
- Add coarsely crushed walnuts to this mixture and mix it well.
- Allow it to cook for 2 minutes.
- Once cooked, transfer the mixture in to a pan or a mold.
- Tap the mixture in to the mold evenly and decorate it with toasted walnuts.
- Bring it to room temperature or refrigerate it for 10 to 15 minutes.
- Delicious Chocolate Walnut Fudge is ready to be served!