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India: A Key Market For The NBA?

League’s commissioner, David Stern visited the country on official NBA business back in 2013 followed by Adam Silver who wished to bring games in India.
It finally happens when the Sacramento Kings faced the Indiana Pacers in Mumbai at the NSCI Dome.
The NBA league signed in 2012 a regional media partnership with Sony allowing it to gain popularity and build a fanbase of 90 million.
It’s incredible considering that the majority of Indian people is a true cricket fan.
Despite being behind the cricket’s Indian Premier League (IPL), internal projections suggest that India will be the second country after the US to follow NBA’s games within 5 years.
NBA’s efforts to penetrate the Indian market include building relationships with schoolchildren and teachers to educate them on the values of basketball.
While cricket is ancient but widely popular, basketball rises interests among young people.
With a billion of inhabitants and a growing sporting landscape, India is the perfect market to develop the NBA brand.