Son reveals tattoo to mum seconds before boarding plane to America

  • last month
A son surprised his mum with a forearm tattoo seconds before boarding a plane to America.

Josh Stuart, 19, from Melbourne, Australia, was at the airport and had just said goodbye to his mum when he decided to reveal his new body art.

A video shows Josh's mum Emma Stuart, who's in her 50s, in shock as Josh reveals his tattoo just as he's about to go through security.

Emma can be heard saying: "What is that? What is that? Is that a tattoo or is that fake? Please tell that's fake? Josh get back here and show me that tattoo!"

Josh's sister Holly, 21, who filmed the video, said: "Mum has never been fond of tattoos, so she's never happy whenever any of us get one.

"But Josh is the baby, he's the youngest of us, so it's extra tough."

Josh just graduated from high school and he's now on a gap year to travel the world, starting with the United States.

He had managed to hide the tattoo, which covers his entire forearm, for five days until he revealed it immediately before he left for his gap year.

Mum Emma said: "I thought it was fake at first but now I'm hearing it's not fake.

"The little sh*t!"

Holly, Josh, and their two other sisters all have tattoos, however Josh's tattoos are by far the biggest.

Holly said: "My mum has a rule about tattoos, which is that if you can easily cover it up, then it's fine.

"She's not fond of tattoos generally, but that's what the real issue with his forearm tattoo was."