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During a civil war between humans and androids, In the year 2090, a robotics engineer tries to bring her fallen lover back to life.

"Red String of Fate" by Onna Chan, Lovina Yavari, & Lance Fernandes

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More About "Red String of Fate":
Deep into a civil war between humans and android’s, the world is divided between those that believe androids with artificial intelligence (AI) deserve human rights, and those that believe otherwise. While most people are just trying to survive the war with their lives intact, Sam, an inexperienced engineer, is determined to save her partner, Dani, a noble human soldier who falls injured while fighting for AI android rights.

Desperate to bring Dani back to life, Sam manages to capture Dani’s soul before it has left their body and begins an experimental procedure that merges Dani’s soul with a malfunctioning android - X72. It is only through this act of outrageous political defiance that Sam will be able to preserve Dani’s consciousness.

"Red String of Fate" Credits:
Sam - Onna Chan
X72 / Dani - Lovina Yavari
Hachi (voice) - Patrick Brown
Danika Mondal - Melinda Shankar
Radio news reporter (voice) - Michael Gordin Shore
Angry protestor on radio (voice) - Steve Kasan
Paranormal investigator radio host (voice) - Camellia yavari

Directors - Lance Fernandes & Lovina Yavari
Original story - Onna Chan
Written by Onna Chan
Producer, Production Designer, Art Director, Stylist, Props, Covid Representative, Script Supervisor, Wardrobe - Lovina Yavari
Producer, Catering - Onna Chan
Cinematographer - Angel Navarro III
Editing, Visual Effects - Lance Fernandes
Composer - Vlad Tiron
Boom Operator, Transportation, Production Assistant - Patrick Brown
Location, Props Master - Steve Hazard
Wardrobe - Adriana Fulop
Acting Coach - Michael Gordin Shore
Stills Photographer - Camellia Yavari
Colour by Alter Ego
Colourist - Erik Bayley
Colour Producer - Jane Garrah
Audio Post Production by Urban Post Production
Re-Recording Mixer - Matthew McKenzie
Re-Recording Assistant - Calvin Tran

Song Credit
“Happy Panda Noodle”
voiced by Haruka Yoshida
mixed by Scott Deathe
written by Mike Schroeder

Catering - chic sophistic cafe
Movie Poster Photographer - Chris Chan
Animated Movie Poster - Apradipta
8 bit artist - Pawfauzan
Location - Strange Metal Construct

Special thanks
Gail Haupert
Alistair Hepburn
Jo Vannicola
Christopher fowler
Veno joachim

“Made with the generous support of ACTRA Toronto.” - ACTRA Toronto & ACTRA Toronto OUTACTRATO

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