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The sole survivor of a crashed ship, Cass (Liza Scholtz) awakens in a strange and hostile alternate version of Earth. Devoid of any memory, her only clue is a mysterious device she carries with her that is continuously counting down towards an unknown climax. Pursued by ruthless scavengers and a terrifying, preternatural entity, Cass must learn her true identity and unravel the mystery surrounding her crash.

"Exo Sapien" by James C. Williamson

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More About "Exo Sapien":
EXO SAPIEN is a sci-fi short that follows the story of CASS – the sole survivor of a crashed ship - as she learns her true identity in a strange and hostile alternate version of Earth. Cass awakens, a bruised and battered amnesiac, near the crash site of her downed ship. With nothing to guide her - except a mysterious device that she carries with a countdown timer – Cass trudges through the wilderness in search of answers. She feels oddly compelled to keep the device safe and periodically reset the timer as one thing she knows for sure is to never let the countdown reach zero.
Along her journey she encounters a terrifying invisible creature that stalks the desolate wasteland and - after a narrow escape - she is captured by a gang of opportunistic human scavengers and interrogated by their lead, ADRIAN. When the group is ambushed by the creature, Cass and Adrian escape to a dilapidated building to take refuge. With the creature bearing down on them and with no means of escape, one of the other scavengers – HAMISH – learns the truth that resetting the countdown is attracting the threat. He confronts Cass and the two fight for control of the device: Hamish is killed but not before he is able to prevent Cass from resetting the timer. When the countdown reaches zero, Cass’s memories come flooding back and she realizes the terrible truth that the device was trying to protect her from.

"Exo Sapien" Credits:
Production Company: Alto Media/The Department of Special Projects

In Association with: The National Film & Video Foundation

Written & Directed by James C. Williamson

Produced by Gabriella Cecilia Pinto

Executive Producers:
Warren Gray
Mark Auret

Liza Scholtz
Tuks Tad Lungu

Andrew Roux
Nicholas Campbell

Director of Photography/Camera Operator:
Meekaaeel Adam

Production Designer:
Warren Gray

James C. Williamson

Matthew Reeler

Visual Effects by Blake Prinsloo

Costume Designer:
Karlien Seegers

Prosthetics & Makeup Designer:
Ashley Powell

Original Score by HAEZER

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