Outrage Movie

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Outrage Movie Trailer HD - Plot synopsis: OUTRAGE takes place at a secluded French chateau, where Ivy, the young host of a right-wing news program finds herself caught between a group of scheming nationalists and a vengeful mother who blames them for the death of her son. Gathering at this French château, a group of elite media and political personalities are attending a private dinner party. Beneath the glitz and glamor lie dark conspiracies between an extremist group and a burgeoning news media. As Ivy begins to unravel the tangled web of secrets, the partygoers realize that they have stumbled into a deadly trap. At the center of it all sits an unassuming mother with a mysterious agenda and revenge on her mind. The partygoers must not only fight for the truth, but for their lives.

Directed by Mathieu Bonzon, OUTRAGE was written by R.F.I. Porto & Marlène Poste and based on a story by Mathieu Bonzon and Marlène Poste. OUTRAGE was produced by Mathieu Bonzon and Aurélien Bonzon under their MadPark Films banner and features an ensemble cast including Julie Gayet (‘Alice’), Adelaide Kane (‘Ivy Brand’), Jay O Sanders (‘Frank Brand’), Clemens Schick (‘Hesse’), Manuel Cauchi (‘Piero Deluca’), Victor Pontecorvo (‘Gaspar François’), Josiane Pinson (‘Victoire Murat’), Victor Assié (‘Jean’), Matyas Simon (‘Serge’), and Sarah Mitchell (‘Joséphine Goux’). Executive producers are Sarah Mitchell, Rory Haines, Allen Jo and R.F.I. Porto.

“Bringing OUTRAGE to life was an unforgettable journey, enriched by the remarkable talent of our local French crew and our stellar international cast,” said filmmaker Mathieu Bonzon. “I am incredibly proud to see our film find its North American home at Freestyle Digital Media and am eager for audiences here to experience its intense drama and suspense. This achievement is dedicated to my late producing partner, Aurélien Bonzon, whose passion and dedication were pivotal to this project. Though he is not here to celebrate with us, his influence and spirit are embedded in every frame of this film.”

available to rent/own on all North American digital HD internet, cable, and satellite platforms, as well as on DVD, starting on June 18, 2024.