NBA FINALS GAME 1 UPDATE: Celtics Dominate Mavericks In Game 1 of The NBA Finals | Luka Dončić 30 pts

  • last month
The Dallas Mavericks faced off against the Boston Celtics at TD Garden in Boston for Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and it was a tough night for the Mavericks. The Celtics dominated with a 107-89 win.

The Celtics started strong right out of the gate, ending the first quarter with a 17-point lead. They maintained their dominance throughout the game, with consistent scoring across all quarters. The Mavericks tried to rally, but the Celtics’ defense and sharp shooting kept them at bay.

Jaylen Brown showcased his scoring prowess, leading the Celtics with an impressive 22 points. Jayson Tatum also made a significant impact, contributing 16 points and securing 11 rebounds.

Despite Luka Dončić’s valiant effort of 30 points for the Mavericks, it wasn’t enough to overcome the Celtics’ dominant performance.

The Celtics also outperformed the Mavericks in rebounds and assists. The Mavericks will look to bounce back in Game 2, hoping to even the series.