Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale in US

  • 29 days ago
After an exclusive visit to the museum, the team warmly welcomed Mr. Bloomquist to the Sala del Consiglio of the Museum in Arese, where the design of the 33 Stradale was approved in 1967, now the Bottega Alfa Romeo’s headquarters. In this symbolic place, the brand's designers, engineers and historians met and listened to the 33 owners, then created alongside them what have become unique works of art and an authentic “manifesto” of the Italian brand’s capabilities – now and in the future – in terms of style and driving experience.

Made in only 33 exclusive units, for 33 of the brand’s fans, the new two-seater coupé combines heritage and the future, and is produced according to a unique artisanal process with the highest quality standards and obsessive attention to detail, exactly the same way as in Renaissance artisan boutiques and in the 1960s workshops of renowned Italian coachbuilders. One of these was the renowned Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, which went on to leave its mark on some of the most beautiful Alfa Romeos of all time and now plays a leading role in the production of the new 33 Stradale.

Within the historic and glorious walls of the Bottega Alfa Romeo, the U.S. entrepreneur told his story completely naturally and with great emotional involvement, showing he felt at ease in the Alfa Romeo Tribe and even more so in the small circle of owners of the new 33 Stradale, true ambassadors of the Italian brand and its values in the four corners of the Earth.