Two Labradors walk into petrol station and steal bread from the shelves

  • 2 months ago
This is the comical moment two cheeky Labradors walked into a village petrol station before stealing bread from the shelves.

The doggy duo were caught on camera strolling into the garage in Leintwardine, Herefordshire, without their owner at 7.30am on Tuesday morning (21/5).

CCTV captured the mischievous mutts browsing the shelves near to the dog food selection- before one of the pooches pilfered a loaf of bread.

But the 'shoplifters' were thwarted by staff at Griffiths Garage as they made their way through the store with the loaf clasped in its jaws.

After being caught in the act, workers put out an appeal on Facebook and were soon able to reunite the two black Labradors with their rightful owner.

Store manager Alan Link said: "It happened at around 7.30am and we didn't notice them come in at first.

"It was only when one of them came running around the corner and towards the till with a loaf of bread in his mouth we thought 'what's going on here?'.

"We had to retrieve the bread and then restrained them both around the back of the store before we took to Facebook to try and track down who they belonged to.

"We had numerous suggestions from people and were soon able to walk them back up the road to their rightful owner.

"He was very apologetic about it and everyone saw the funny side. He jokingly told them off and said 'I told you to get a bottle of wine, not a loaf of bread'.

"We couldn't believe it when we watched the footage back, we had a good old laugh. They were having a right mooch about.

"But in the end the one settled for a loaf of bread - but we weren't letting him get away that easily."

The footage captured the unusual partners in crime entering the shop early in the morning before sniffing at a sack of potatoes with their tails wagging.

One of them picks up a loaf before dropping it in aisle to investigate a bag of dog food instead.

However, it goes back to its original choice and scampers off with the prized loaf before their escape was foiled.

Earlier in the day, Griffiths Garage appealed on social media whether anyone knew the owner of the dog.

They wrote: "Has anyone lost two black labradors? If so we have them at Griffiths Garage.

"This is the best thing to happen at the citadel of rural retail since a piglet escaped from the butchers and took refuge up Mill Lane, so no rush."

Sharing the footage on Facebook, the garage later added: "Have you ever seen two labradors doing a spot of light shoplifting?

"Today is the day! The lovable duo who broke out this morning have been suitably rehabilitated and returned safely home now.

"Thanks for your help everyone."