Celebrities Slam Diddy Over Apology Video

  • 2 months ago
On May 19th, rapper Diddy released an apology video on Instagram following the release of disturbing 2016 hotel surveillance footage showing him violently attacking his then-girlfriend Cassie. The footage, obtained by CNN and published on May 17th, depicts Diddy grabbing Cassie by the hair, throwing her to the ground, kicking her, and throwing an object at her. The apology video has sparked strong reactions on social media, with actress Emily Ratajowski calling him a "monster" and rapper 50 Cent criticizing the move as misguided. Aubrey O'Day, who has previously worked with Diddy, condemned his apology on Twitter, stating that he did not truly apologize to Cassie but rather to the world for witnessing his actions, urging him to leave God and mercy out of the situation.