Tot has adorable argument with Alexa after it can't make out what she says

  • last month
This is the funny moment a toddler got into an argument with Amazon Alexa after the virtual assistant struggled to understand her.

Video shows Aria Coleman, three, frustratedly pleading the gadget to play the popular children's song "The wheels on the bus."

Aria can be heard saying: "Come on Alexa, wheels on the bus. Come on Alexa, wheels on the bus, please."

But instead of playing the tot's song, Alexa offers Aria the location of the bus.

Aria and her mum Amanda Coleman were visiting great-grandmother Mary Ivers, 77,
in Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA, when the cute exchange happened.

Mary explained: "She tried to interact with Alexa for a bit but it was the same every time.

"She noticed that Alexa was giving me reminders to take my medication.

"It was the first time she had seen one and she was fascinated by it."

Mary added: "She was very confused the first time I spoke to it. She kept asking where is she? Who is that?"

Eventually, Mary had to step in to help and give Aria a hand with her request.