Inside Amber Valletta’s Peaceful L.A. Sanctuary

  • 2 months ago
Today, AD is welcomed by Amber Valletta to tour her peaceful and sustainable home in Los Angeles. Alongside an illustrious modeling career, the supermodel is also a keen climate change activist, so when it came to designing her home, sustainability was key. Valletta enlisted friend and interior designer Ross Cassidy to help design a stylish yet eco-friendly space. Paint on the walls is replaced by natural clay plaster, and the exterior is clad in light stone that will last for years. Inside, Valletta upholstered the furniture she already owned with sustainable materials and went vintage or artisanal to fill in decor gaps. Full of natural, earthy tones and organic textures, Valletta created the peaceful and sustainable sanctuary she was looking for—"a place where, when you come in from the world, you can exhale.”See more of Amber Valletta's home here