Funny videos shows pooch having temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way

  • 2 months ago
These funny videos show a young pup throwing temper tantrums at his owner when he can't get his own way.

Charlie, a nine-month-old golden retriever, stomps his feet and twists his head in protest.

Owner Lauren Lieberman, 32, says that Charlie does this all the time and this is the way he communicates.

Lauren, who owns a marketing agency in Montreal, Canada, said: "He's very good at communicating. He's a very emotive dog.

"He does these little tantrums every now and then to let me know he's not happy or to let me know that he wants me for something."

"I call him my Velcro dog, he hates being away from me for any amount of time."

Lauren added: "In of the videos he was annoyed that I was taking too long to pick up the mail so he was trying to hurry me up.

"I was dying of laughter when he did it. I couldn't believe how he was stomping and everything!

"He usually gets his own way but he is a really well behaved dog most of the time."