Moment driver "swerves at cyclist" leaving her feeling intimidated

  • 3 months ago
This is the shocking moment a cyclist was given a nasty surprise when a driver appeared to swerve towards her.

Caro Vilain, 31, was on her morning cycle commute in Santa Monica, California, USA, when the incident happened.

A video, recorded by her headcam, shows Caro arriving at a junction where she has right of way.

The motorist on her right stops and as Caro cycles past him, he starts to drive forward and swerves in her direction.

Caro, who works as a video editor in Santa Monica, said: "I was just doing my own thing, being safe and following the rules.

"He clearly didn't like that he had to slow down and follow the rules himself.

"It was very scary. Drivers tend to be aggressive here but this is one of the worst I've experienced.

"On the camera you can see behind me but in real time I had no idea if he was still driving after me or not.”

Caro reported the incident to the police.

She said: "Our police department aren't very helpful in terms of cycling incidents so I had to insist.

"If anything ever happens again with him, they have it on record, assuming someone reports him again."

Caro believes that the problems cyclists face on the roads is down to a combination of factors, including education and infrastructure.

She said: "Drivers are aware there is no enforcement when it comes to the police, so they approach us with little care.

"Also infrastructure has lead to people thinking roads are just for cars, but they’re not.

"People just assume bikes shouldn’t be there, but we both have a right to be on the road!"