Meet the 30lb giant bunny who 'volunteers' at hospitals and airports - and even has his own electric car
  • 2 months ago
A 30lb bunny rescued from a slaughterhouse has become a local celebrity - by attending events in his own little electric car.

Josh Row, 45, and Kei Kato, 38, rescued the Flemish hare from a meat farm in Modesto, California, USA, back in 2020, and named him Alex.

Josh and Kei have always done a lot of charity work so when Alex became old enough, they decided to take him along.

Alex, three, was an instant hit and he's now attended more than 200 events.

Kei, who owns a restaurant in Dogpatch, San Francisco, USA, said: "We already did a lot of volunteering - going to soup kitchens and things like that.

"So when we got Alex, we thought why not bring him along as we knew people would love him as much as we do."

Josh and Kei take Alex wherever they go and even got him his own little car.

Josh is a mechanical engineer so he's always looking for new ways to give Alex that extra bit of style.

Kei said: "Rob had LED lights fitted on Alex's stroller that has his name going across it.

"Because Alex loved the stroller so much, we thought a mini car would be a cool upgrade for him to attend a local event in.

"So, we got him a Mercedes SLK and he even learned how to use it pretty fast."

It didn't take long for Alex to become too big so the couple bought him a G-wagon and added two e-bike batteries for power - which cost £3,5k ($4,5k).

Kei and Josh never expected Alex to gain this much attention when they first started to take him out and about.

Kei said: "Of course we never expected him to get this celebrity status at all.

"So many videos have gone viral now, it's crazy."

"We love showing him off because he makes people feel better and he loves the attention too."

The couple have taken him to hospitals and airports to calm nervous flyers and sick patients.

They even organised a charity hare and tortoise race for Alex's birthday, which Alex was unfortunately the loser in.