Bob Marley One Love Movie Review No Redemption Song For This Cliché-riddled Airbrushing
  • 2 months ago
The thing about these endless big music biopics is, no matter how schmaltzly and hideously ‘authorised’ and not that great they may be, if you have a lead who is the spit of the subject and a baker’s dozen of planet-aligning bangers – which Bob Marley most certainly does – then you probably don’t need to worry about a thing. And so to One Love’s first problem, which is that Kingsley Ben-Adir is too pretty-boy good-looking to play someone whose striking, but far from conventionally handsome face is as globally known as Marley’s. It’s not that he can’t act. Ben-Adir’s (and for that matter everyone in the film’s) patois is satisfyingly thick and convincing, plus he’s got the electrified stage dance down perfectly.