Loving uncles surprise Swiftie niece by telling her they got floor tickets to Eras Tour concert

  • 5 months ago
Stephan Keating and Fernando Brigidi know their niece 'All Too Well' and what makes her happy.

In this endearing clip, the uncle duo treats their niece to a surprise that causes tears of joy to adorn her smiling face.

"Two uncles surprising niece with Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil," Stephan told WooGlobe. "She thought she was visiting from Dallas, Texas, to watch the Eras Tour Movie."

For the grateful Swiftie, this moment was nothing short of surreal, and for a second, she couldn't even believe it was real life. However, her adoring uncles knew that 'tis the damn season.
Location: Arlington, VA, USA

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