Tom Cruise Comments On The 'Weirdest' On Set 'Mission: Impossible' Rumor: Are People Allowed To Look Him In The Eye?

3 months ago
There are major movie stars, and then there’s Tom Cruise. The 61 year-old A-lister is showing no signs of slowing down.
Cruise recently commented on the “weirdest” rumor about his behavior on the set of "MI." Namely, are people allowed to look him in the eye during filming?

Once you’re an A-list celebrity, you can demand or request a variety of things in order to properly get your work done. There are rumors that celebrities like Ellen Degeneres don’t want actors or crew members looking them in the eye on set, presumably to help maintain focus. Tom Cruise has seemingly heard those rumors about him, and actually name dropped them in an interview with The Times about his public image. After claiming they were the “weirdest” rumor he’d heard about himself, his "Mission: Impossible" co-star Simon Pegg came to his defense.