Hot Holiday Deals

3 months ago
Before you know it, the holidays will be here. We are talking about hot deals and must-have items everyone wants. Let's start with some amazing deals from Verizon. They give you three easy ways to save and exclusive deals you will not find anywhere else. First, on subscription services, chances are you are paying for one (or more) of the gazillion streaming services out there. myPlan is a deal that will save you money on all of the add-ons, like Apple Music, Apple One, Walmart+, and Netflix, for just $10 each. Next is their switch & save -- if you are switching from one of the other carriers, you will save up to $300 a year on what you currently pay when you bundle Apple One and Disney+. New customers or customers adding a line will get the new iPhone 15 Pro for free when you trade in any old iPhone, a guaranteed trade-in in any condition. Plus, you get Apple One and Apple TV 4K, free too -- a $1,100 savings. If you want to try it first and see if you like Verizon, you can -- they're offering a 30-day free trial -- Go to . For all of these amazing deals, head to . Next up is a wellness must that people in the know are just buzzing about -- Vimergy . They make high-quality health supplements to simplify taking control of your health. This brand knows it's all about the balance of nutrients in your body. They let you customize exactly what you need day-to-day, making it different from taking a multivitamin that may have things you do not need. We love the liquid formulas because they are great for absorption in the body and super easy. Taking them straight or adding them to drinks is the trifecta everyone needs: Immunity boosting, pure liquid zinc ; for cognitive focus and memory, organic vitamin B12 ; and then you know about the benefits of ashwagandha, right? Their ashwagandha naturally promotes rest and relaxation and helps you get better sleep, which is crucial. It has 2200 mg per serving. Just two droppers full every morning of each one, and you are covered in all three of these areas--triggering your well-being to the next level. This is a great stocking stuffer but even great this time of year for yourself. It's important leading up to the holiday and winter season to protect yourself and boost your immunity, and Vimergy Liquid Zinc is more potent than other brands. For special deals, check out their website at, including this Black Friday, where you can get up to 20% off and a free Vimergy Liquid B12 when you spend more than $200. Next, the beauty brand everyone loves, Pantene (also makes a great stocking stuffer). This is their Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo + Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment . The duo literally gives you luxury hair repair without a $60 price tag from its high-end competitors. It is always a good deal -- but right now, you can get both for under $10 each at Walmart. We love saving here because it allows you to spend the savings on other things and more gifts for everyone else. The pair leaves your hair feeling soft and moisturized without weighing it down. You can use it every day or in your usual wash day cadence. When doing your holiday shopping this year, grab this healthy hair duo at Walmart, plus anything else on your holiday shopping list.