'Stranger Things' Season 5: Caleb Mclaughlin Reveals One Thing He Wouldn’t Mind Seeing More Of From Lucas

  • 8 months ago
Fans are anxiously awaiting Stranger Things Season 5, as they’re eager to know how things wrap up for their favorite residents of Hawkins, Indiana. Plenty of love has been extended to just about all of the hit Netflix show’s core characters, including the witty and charming Lucas Sinclair. A sum of his popularity can arguably be attributed to the excellent work done by actor Caleb McLaughlin. While there are obviously plenty of questions surrounding Lucas’ fate, McLaughlin himself doesn’t have the answers (and probably wouldn’t share any even if he did). Yet at the very least, the talented star knows, at this point, that he wouldn’t mind seeing more of one thing from his character during the last stretch of episodes.

It goes without saying that Lucas, like his best friends, has been through a lot during the course of the Duffer Bros.’ sci-fi horror show thus far. Season 4 arguably upped the ante for him, as he found himself in an interesting position amid his friends’ war with Vecna, who fans probably still have questions about. I had the opportunity to speak with Caleb McLaughlin during the press junket for his latest film, Shooting Stars, in which he plays Dru Joyce III. The movie required a considerable amount of basketball training on the 21-year-old actor’s part. With that, I asked just how open he’d be to performing more on-court stuff as Lucas in Season 5, and he shared his thoughts while reflecting on his character’s arc in the previous season.