Our Favorite Fallas Figures of Fallas 2021 - Part I

  • 10 months ago
After the day of the Plantà:


, everyone in Valencia is out and about to go see as many Fallas figures as they can. Somewhere I heard that there were 400 small figures and 400 big figures this years. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

These figures have their own category and the Especial ones are the one we make sure to see all the figures from. This is also the time to decide what figures you would like to see getting burned on the day of the Cremà (last day of Fallas) and yes you heard it right - they're all getting burned!

Fallas Figures Time Stamp:

0:00 Falla L'Antiga de Capanar Fallas 2021
01:12 Falla Meastao Gozalbo Fallas 2021
01:50 Falla Almirante Cadorso Fallas 2021
02:28 Falla Na Jordana Fallas 2021
03:47 Falla Convento Jerusalén Fallas 2021 *Winner*
05:59 Falla Plaza del Pilar Fallas 2021
7:45 Falla Exposición Fallas 2021

Fallas figure winners of 2015:


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