Arlington National Cemetery - Changing of the Guards

  • 6 months ago
Our visit to Arlington National Cemetery allowed us ample time to explore the grounds and witness of the final public changing of the guard at sunset. The sight of countless graves sent shivers down our spines, but also had a somber atmosphere, the repetitive patterns of crosses against the backdrop of Washington DC added a touch of beauty.

An additional layer of solemnity was woven into the scene as Christmas wreaths were carefully placed on each grave, symbolizing remembrance during the holiday season.

We then went to Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, just in time for the ceremony that marks the final (public) changing of the guard of the day. This deeply moving ritual takes place every hour when the cemetery is open during the winter month. The reverence and respect shown by the guards reflects the significance of the cemetery and its role as a sacred resting place for those who have served their nation.

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