Cant de L'Estoreta - Fallas 2020! The Traditional Kids Parade To Honor The Good Old Times of Fallas

  • 10 months ago
The parade of the Cant de L'Estoreta is usually held on one of the first Sundays of Fallas. We're going to blog about what this parade is all about soon but for now we want you take in the festive atmosphere. Everyone is in a such great moods - except for the occasional meltdown of some of the kids.

This year, we must say that the floats are much better than during the years before. We especially loved the mini Water Tribunal with the mini judges. So cute! If you're even in Valencia for the first days of Fallas seek out the cute parade of Cant de L'Estoreta.

This video was recorded with this camera:

P.S. Fallas 2020 got postponed but we will continue covering it on our Valencia Blog: