La Planta Fallas 2020 Escif - Building The Big Fallas Figures - Valencia Spain

  • 8 months ago
The nights of March 14th and 15th mark the Planta of Fallas. In the morning of the 15th all the figures must be finished. No more touching up, no more moving around ninots. Done is done - because in the morning of the 15th the judges will go from Fallas figure to Fallas figure to make the decisions on what commission makes what place.

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It's the most stressful time for the Fallas artists but for some big Special category fallas figures, the planta can start in early March. For example the main fallas figure of the city of Valencia, this year commissioned to the start artist Escif, started during the very early days of Fallas.

This video was recorded with this camera:

Covering Fallas 2020 until it got postponed: