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Military training of Ukrainian troops at a British site has been slashed by a third after locals complained about the noise

Military training of Ukrainian troops at a British site has been slashed by a third after locals complained about the noise.

Top brass drilling Ukrainian troops in the war effort against Russia will now tone down the sound of weaponry after the complaint.

Lydd Town Council in Kent recently told the Ministry of Defence it received a “complaint made by residents” about war sounds coming from a nearby military training camp.

The unusual move prompted a response from the base’s Lieutenant Colonel Mark Powell, who agreed to slash training by 30 per cent, among other noise reduction measures.

In a letter addressed to the “good people of Lydd,” he wrote: “We are deeply appreciative of the support we receive from Lydd while we train the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“I understand this creates noise above and beyond what was typically produced by UK forces training at Lydd.”

Read out during a meeting at the council chambers the letter continues: “In response to a number of letters raised about the noise, I have directed my team to review our processes and can report we have reduced training activity by 30 per cent.

“We have rescinded the use of the most intense smoke effects and we will reduce the duration and intensity of the loudest sound effects.

“The people of Lydd have been unfailingly welcoming to my team and I am wholly committed to maintaining a strong relationship.

“Please do not hesitate to reach out if there are ever any concerns.”

To date, the UK and its allies have trained more than 17,000 armed forces of Ukraine personnel in areas such as frontline combat and more specialised training.

And the Lydd Ranges, which has been stationed on the town’s border for about 150 years, is one of a number of sites the MoD uses to help enhance Ukrainian forces.

The town council revealed it received a number of complaints at a full council meeting held at the Guild Hall on High Street, according to meeting minutes.

“The town clerk advised that following noise complaint made by residents about the training at the army camp she had made contact with the MoD and had received the following letter which she read aloud,” council papers say.

Local Alan Smart, 63, hates living next to the training barracks, but cannot move easily due to the rental market.

He said: “I say close it.

“The explosions are very noisy indeed. They make the windows rattle. It’s murder - I hate living here but the trouble is we rent.”

Another local couple, while understanding the need for the training, takes issue when the bangs continue into the evening.

Vivian Ford, 69, and her husband Terry, 66, have lived opposite Lydd Military Training Camp for seven years.

She explained: “It’s not driving us mad, but one day it went on till 9.30 at night and I thought ‘Really?’.

“When it's a hot day it gets really warm in here so we have the windows open.

“When you have a constant ‘boom boom’ noise you think ‘Well I can’t shut the windows because I need some air.

“When they let off the

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