777 Hz Angelic Frequencies Music, Healing Music, Deep Sleep Music, Relaxing Music, Meditation Music

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777 Hz Angelic Frequencies Music, Healing Music, Deep Sleep Music, Relaxing Music, Meditation Music

Meditation is a conscious practice that connects the mind and the body at its most basic level. Meditation is a technique for training attention and awareness, as well as achieving a cognitively clear and emotionally peaceful, and stable condition. It involves focusing the mind on a certain object, thought, or action.

Meditation can help with anxiety, chronic pain, depression, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Its purpose is to assist you in achieving bodily and emotional calm and peace, as well as learning to live more fully in the present moment.

Our Playlist Topic

✧ Buddhist Meditation: https://dailymotion.com/playlist/x7yxvp
✧ Zen Meditation: https://dailymotion.com/playlist/x7u7gc
✧ Spa Meditation: https://dailymotion.com/playlist/x7u7ge
✧ Reiki Healing Music: https://dailymotion.com/playlist/x7u7gl
✧ Angelic Frequencies: https://dailymotion.com/playlist/x7u7g2
✧ Solfeggio Frequencies: https://dailymotion.com/playlist/x7u7gy
✧ Chakra Music: https://dailymotion.com/playlist/x7u7g1
✧ Brain Waves: https://dailymotion.com/playlist/x7u7gp
✧ Binaural Beats: https://dailymotion.com/playlist/x7u7go
✧ Tibetan Singing Bowls: https://dailymotion.com/playlist/x7u7gr
✧ Meditation Music: https://dailymotion.com/playlist/x7u7fl
✧ Deep Sleep Music: https://dailymotion.com/playlist/x7u773
✧ Native American Flute: https://dailymotion.com/playlist/x7u72a
✧ Native Indian Flute: https://dailymotion.com/playlist/x7qpvr

NOTE: We emphasize that our music cannot cure a medical condition and is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor or other health care provider. Furthermore, never listen to our music while driving or operating any type of machinery.

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