Follow That Dream (E. Presley, 1962) Full HD

8 mesi fa
Follow That Dream is a 1962 musical comedy film directed by Gordon Douglas and starring Elvis Presley.

Plot: A vagabond family, and various informally "adopted" children, including their babysitter, is traveling through Florida. Pop drives onto an unopened section of a new highway. The car runs out of gas and the Kwimpers intend to wait until a government vehicle passes by to help them out. In the meantime, they set up a temporary camp.
After a time, the first vehicle to come by belongs to state highway commissioner H. Arthur King, who is appalled that the Kwimpers' presence on the pristine highway might negatively impact its dedication ceremony that day featuring the governor of Florida. King tries to have the Kwimpers forcibly removed, but when the governor arrives in advance of the ceremony, Pop informs him that they are invoking the state's homesteading laws and plan to live near the highway permanently. The governor applauds the Kwimpers' pioneering spirit and tells the police to respect "private property."

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