BOPP OPP Labeling Machine, Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine

9 months ago
Opp labeling machine, or hot melt opp labeling machine is suitable for labeling opp material labels, on different volume and shape of bottles. No matter the bottle is round,square, or special shape, our machine is able to label it. It is easy to operate and convenient to change the mould. It's cable to work with PET blowing machine, filling machine, code printing machine, water treatment , etc. In addition, the label cost is comparatively lower, it can meet the requirements of those users who have diverse kinds of the containers.


1. Auto cutting and Sticking circle or half circle of bottle. Auto melting and attaching glue on top and rear of the label , glue auto recycling .
2. Variable speed control system, synchronous automatic detection system, automatic adjust production speed, Always make the labeling machine at best production speed
3. Star Wheel separation and feeding ,correlation design transmission mode high-speed labeling, stable precision.
4. Servo motor synchronous tracking, with special designed vacuum drum adsorption, labeling precise and stable
5. Abnormal situation, this machine has safety device, automatic stop immediately.
6. Following conditions the machine will automatically stop and alarm:
(1) Label is not labeled on bottles
Label sticker failure
Label is about to run out
Abnormal bottle feeding
(2) Abnormal bottle out
(3) Abnormal bottle jam

7. The whole machine centralized lubrication system, easy to clean, lubrication and maintenance.

8. Techmach electronic automatic rectify guide system, digital electronic eye for ultrasound method.Non-contact electric eye, automatically adjust the label location. (optional).
9. Label top and end difference within 2mm ( without Techmach), 1mm (with techmach)

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