BOPP Labeling Machine, Automatic Sleeve Shrink Labeling Machine

9 months ago
Packaging industry experts would answer the question with a technical term: biaxially oriented polypropylene. That's a fancy name for a type of plastic. "Biaxially oriented" means manufacturers stretch the plastic film in two directions during its production. They do this to improve its strength, flexibility and clarity.

Usually BOPP labeling machine is used hot melt glue labeling machine, but BOPP labels can also be used to package products by shrink sleeve labeling.

With an aim to meet the varied requirements of patrons, we are engaged in offering an exclusive range of Sleeve Applicator. The machine is worldwide recognized for its unique feature like to reduce labor and increase manufacturing rates. The machine is used to apply or insert shrink sleeve label on the container. This fully automatic machine is Suitable for Glass, Plastic, Pet, Tin, Corrugated containers.

The unit consisting of sleeve roll loader-carrier assembly, conveyor bottle separating assembly, Center pillar, Bottle positioning mechanism, Cutter mechanism, Fiber-optical sensor and controlling assembly and Brush etc.

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