Young Flowers - Blomsterpistolen (Denmark 1968) blues-based psychedelic rock

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Young Flowers - Blomsterpistolen (Denmark 1968) blues-based psychedelic rock

The only pure hippie group to come from Copenhagen during the late sixties was Young Flowers.
The aspiring guitar player Peer Frost had previously been in Peter Belli & Les Rivals.
Blomsterpistolen (1968 - the title means "the flower pistol") was a milestone in Danish rock.
The music was made for their own surrealistic TV movie of the same name (which also featured
their "rivals" The Beefeaters). Young Flowers were strongly influenced by Cream, Jimi Hendrix
and The Beatles (typified by their classics "Strange Brew", "Axis: Bold As Love" and "Taxman",
respectively). A couple of the tracks had Danish lyrics, including "25 Ore" (7:53), a never
ending boogie blues derived from Canned Heat's "On The Road Again". More effective was the
psychedelic jam "April '68" (8:56) and the shorter songs with strong lead guitars, studio
effects (lots of flanging) and a really strong rhythm section. The group lacked a really
capable vocalist, though.

The second album contained more of the same, ranging from the exceedingly flanged "And Who But
I Should Be" to the "Calypso" in "Obladi-Oblada" style. The trio are joined by Niels Skousen on
many tracks and by The Maxwells on the freakout track "Kragerne Vender" (10:31). In. my view,
this album was their most powerful and best effort. Young Flowers undoubtedly inspired a flood
of young aspiring power trios, including Blues Addicts, Terje, Jesper & Joachim and Moses
(although these had a rawer garage sound). The three young flowers themselves would later
resurface in several important groups: Peer Frost in Midnight Sun, Rainbow Band and Savage Rose,
Peter Ingemann in No Name and as a session musician for hippie folk-rocker Sebastian, and Ken
Goodman in Culpeper's Orchard.

Another important group that was musical pioneer of late 60’s when Danish rock became more and
more ambitious. This power rock trio (Peer Frost: guitar, Peter Ingemann: bass, Ken Gudman:
drums) presents blues-based psychedelic rock coloured with hippie atmosphere of that time.

01. Ouverture (Peer Frost)/Take Warning (P. Ingemann-J. Dahl-Ken Gudman-Walt Whitman)0:00

02. The moment life appeared (P. Ingemann-K. Gudman-P. Frost-Walt Whitman)4:17

03. 25 ore (Peer Frost-Jorgen Larsen)6:33

04. Oppe i tr?et (P. Ingemann-Th. Winding)14:32

05. To you (Peter Ingemann-Walt Whitman)17:50

06. Down along the cove (Bob Dylan)19:43

07. April '68 (P. Ingemann-K. Gudman-P. Frost)23:29

- Peter Ingemann (bass, vocals),
- Ken Gudman (drums), (Culpepers Orchard, Defenders, Danish Sharks)
- Peer Frost (guitar, 1967-70) (Rainbow Band, Midnight Sun, Savage Rose)

- Niels Skousen - guitar, vocals (2)
- Steen Claesson - violin, guitar (2)