IRONMAN 4 - FIRST LOOK TRAILER Robert Downey Jr. Returns as Tony Stark Marvel Studios Movie (HD)

  • 2 years ago
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Watch the 'First Look Trailer' concept For Marvel Studios' IRONMAN 4, Starring Robert Downey Jr, Katherine Langford & More!

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I wouldn’t hold out hope for Robert Downey Jr. returning as a variant or A.I. version of Tony Stark, as the actor has made clear that he felt his decade-long portrayal of the character was a satisfying arc and he is looking forward to new challenges. But given the seeming presence of The Illuminati in the film — given further credibility by Charles Xavier’s (Patrick Stewart) iconic voice — and the Ultron bots escorting Benedict Cumberbatch, it doesn’t seem implausible to expect some new version of Tony Stark.

The MCU doesn’t need to stay hung up on Stark, especially with so many new characters leading into the future. But the chance to see Doctor Strange battle, however briefly, a version of the man who solved time travel, saved the universe with his aid, and first created divergent timelines, seems too good an opportunity to pass up entirely.

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