IRONMAN 4 – THE TRAILER | Robert Downey Jr. Returns as Tony Stark | Marvel Studios

5 months ago
#Ironman4 #RobertDowneyJr #MarvelStudios
#Ironman4 #RobertDowneyJr #MarvelStudios

Watch the 'Teaser Trailer' concept For Marvel Studios' IRONMAN 4, Starring Robert Downey Jr, Katherine Langford & More! (More Info About This Video Down Below!)

More Information About This Video:

His Tony Stark consistently put butts in theater seats. The audience couldn’t get enough of his snappy one-liners and abundance of charisma, to the point where many fans, even die-hard ones, jumped ship from the MCU following his demise in Endgame.

But his story just wrapped up so neatly. He defeated Thanos, saved the universe, and left a lasting legacy. To go back to the Marvel well now would arguably cheapen his arc. And Downey is surely well aware of this. However, there still could be a bit of chance for more Iron Man, however slim. He could always appear as an A.I. program, or maybe in a flashback. And with the MCU currently exploring its vast Multiverse, there might be a chance for Downey to pop in for a cameo as an alternate universe doppelgänger of Tony. Perhaps in 2027’s Avengers: Secret Wars? After all, the man himself has indeed said that he misses being in the MCU.