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  • 2 years ago
Hello Friends. ...I m Rahul Sharma I m a blogger and Youtuber. This channel "Rahul Sharma" is one of my hobbies. Here on this channel, you can watch a lot of videos related to paranormal activity, Ghost activities, and haunted show reviews.
The aim of my channel is to offer genuine reviews and reactions to paranormal shows from across the globe.

Sherry Khan Official | Real Ghost Video | Ghost Hunting Video | Ghost Video Reaction| Reaction Video

The purpose of this channel (Rahul Sharma) is not to hurt anyone or to speak wrongly about anyone, just want to show the truth.

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Es Channel (Rahul Sharma) ka udesh kisi ko hurt karna ya kisi ke bare me galat bolna nahi hai. es Channel (Rahul Sharma) ka udesh sirf sach jo hai wo dikhana hai.

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