Deadly cobra lunges at Indian snake-catcher's face and bites him after he tried to KISS it

  • 2 years ago
This is the moment a cobra lunged at the face of an Indian snake-catcher, biting him on the lips as he tried to the kiss the deadly reptile. Footage of the incident shows the man appeared to be trying to pose for a photograph when the venomous snake lashed out at him. The snake-catcher is shown kissing the back of the snake's hood - the distinctive flaps a cobra uses to intimidate predators by making itself look bigger - while a second man holds the reptile down by its tail. But to the man's surprise, the snake suddenly spins its neck around and bites the man on his face with teeth that deploy an extremely dangerous venom - capable of killing an elephant. In India, cobras are one of the 'Big Four' snakes - the four species responsible for the most number of fatal snake bites in the country.