Deadly 12ft king cobra lunges at snake wrangler as he drags it out of car engine

  • 9 months ago
A deadly 12ft king cobra lunged at a snake catcher as he tried to drag it out of a car engine in Thailand.

The venomous snake was found by shocked car owner Wichien Pengket, 38, who discovered it hiding in his Ford's engine compartment in Songkhla province on 24 August.

Terrified Wichien called local snake wrangler Taweesak Boonset to deal with the creature.

Footage shows the cobra flaring its hood and snapping at Taweesak as he tries to pull it off the vehicle. The furious reptile tries to strike him, but he keeps his distance and pins down its head.

The cobra was sealed inside a sack to be released into its natural habitat.