Brad Pitt Has A ‘S--t List’ Of Actors He Won’t Work With, According To His 'Bullet Train' Co-Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson
  • 2 years ago
While Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brad Pitt took a wild ride together in "Bullet Train," the 32-year-old British actor learned a thing or two about his 58-year-old co-star. These two played opposing assassins both on the same mission to retrieve a briefcase on a bullet train traveling to Kyoto. At the 75th Locarno Film Festival, where Taylor-Johnson introduced "Bullet Train" and won the 2022 Excellence Award Davide Campari, he revealed that this "humble and gracious human being" has a list of actors he would prefer not to work with.

With Brad Pitt’s career having started in 1987, it makes sense that after all these years, he’s kept a mental note of what actors he’d prefer to steer clear of. According to Variety, Aaron Taylor-Johnson said that his "Bullet Train" co-star has an idea of who he would and would not want to work with in the future.