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Coleen Confesses: Why She Almost Gave Up Breastfeeding | Smart Parenting PopRica | Episode 10

Smart Parenting
Smart Parenting
Coleen Confesses: Why She Almost Gave Up Breastfeeding | Smart Parenting PopRica | Episode 10

Smart Parenting Editor-At-Large @Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio sits down with fellow ‘padede’ mom and Smart Parenting’s August digital cover star, Coleen Garcia. Coleen confesses everything about her two-year breastfeeding journey, from her rough start, to the support she needed to be able to continue, and to her breastfeeding pains and joys. She also shares some tips to fellow moms on breastfeeding, fitness, and taking care of oneself after giving birth.

Catch the highlights here:
01:13 – Coleen confesses to Rica that like most moms, she also had a rough start to her breastfeeding journey.
03:08 – Coleen shares that it is important to surround yourself with the correct people who can provide support and guidance.
03:38– Coleen reveals that after giving birth, her nipples became inverted, making breastfeeding difficult.
05:00 – Coleen says that even at the onset, Billy has been very hands-on in taking care of Amari. Coleen says, “There was a good two weeks wherein sinalo ni Billy lahat. He was doing everything.”
05:57 – Coleen confesses that Billy burst into tears when Amari finally latched directly.
07:18 – Coleen shares that she gave her excess breast milk to her half-sister who was born just a month after Amari.
08:13– Coleen confesses, “I was eating healthy but I was not eating enough.”
08:56- Coleen shares, “It is valid that we want to look our best… you’re not vain, you’re not selfish for wanting that for yourself.”
14:00 – Coleen’s message to mothers who do not breastfeed: "A happy mom is a good mom."

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