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Tour a Korean-inspired 3-Storey Farmhouse with Spacious Outdoors | Tiny Home Living | Unique Homes

Pampanga — This Korean-inspired farmhouse features an infinity pool, glamping area, rooftop deck and more. Perched right on the rice fields, this farmhouse despite being modern is not complete without a bahay kubo outside. Any farmer would want one with a hammock nearby. And though mixing the old and new is nothing short of a good idea, let's make the tiny house tour quick and move on to the modernist structure.

Large windows and sliding doors are quite common among neo-traditional Korean houses. Homeowners also must consider house positioning to feature beautiful landscapes or outdoor spaces. Shari and her family took the Korean flare seriously with their three-story family retreat overlooking the sprawling rice fields around it. Now the property is a comfortable home that hosts joyful family affairs.

Explore the property with Shari as she shares what the investment looks like and the challenges they faced in building the house without professional help.

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