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P1 Million Mini Farmhouse With A View | Unique Homes | OG

P1 Million Mini Farmhouse With A View | Unique Homes | Tiny Houses in the Philippines

Time for another tiny house tour.

Usually, when a couple is expecting a baby they're on the move with some ideas to improve their house. For Anna and Erick, it's building first a mini farmhouse outside the city. They have their reasons. And if the location gives them a perfect view of the sunrise, scenic view of rice fields and the longest mountain range in the Philippines (and the in-betweens), lets them breathe in the fresh air — what's not to love?

Take a look around.

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Small living is big these days. And tiny homeowners have spoken. They are drawn to its affordability, efficiency, eco-friendliness, and minimalism. But not all tiny houses are made equal, and the cost varies from one household to the next. So, OG steps in to give you that glimpse of what creativity looks like in different households and how much a tiny home really costs according to your needs.

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