Novalis - Novalis 1975 (Germany, Krautrock, Symphonic Prog)

  • 2 years ago
Continuation of the theme, the second album of the group from Hamburg. Colorful prog with very complex arrangements. It is extremely useful to identify analogues of this brilliant symphonic-rock project. From the English side, these are Camel and Rick Wakeman, from the German - Eloy, from the French - Saint-Preux, from the Hungarian - Omega (all are "early"). Moreover, Novalis give the impression of a much more "intelligent" and "tricky" band than Eloy - the latter were just lucky, they put their stylistically close symphonic rock on a commercial footing. The vocals (unlike on the first album) are in German (as on the next albums of the band), but there is not much of it here. Achim Reichel advised me to change the language...
01. Sonnengeflecht (Carlo Karges) - 4:07
02. Wer Schmetterlinge lachen Hört (Lutz Rahn/Carlo Karges) - 9:
03. Dronsz (Lutz Rahn) - 4:53
04. Impressionen (nach Themen der 5 Symphonie von Anton Bruckner) (Lutz Rahn) - 8:55 05. Es färbte sich die Wiese grün (Originaltext von Novalis um 1798) (Carlo Karges ) - 8:15 Personnel:
- Detlef Job - guitar
- Carlo Karges - guitar, keyboards
- Lutz Rahn - keyboards
- Heino Schünzel - bass, vocals
- Hartwig Biereichel - drums +
- Gorilla Music (Achim Raichel) - producer