India's Abysmal Gender Parity Points To Deeper Problem Facing The Country Post Covid-19 Pandemic
  • 2 years ago
"Aadhi abadi- the half of the population. Women make up to half of the population of the country, rarely do they get full rights. Not matter how much we talk about equality, have women achieved it? Have we as a society facilitated the empowerment of women as much as we should’ve?
We will maybe get the answer in this data. It may not necessarily be something to be proud of.
India overall ranks a lowly 135 out of 146 countries on gender parity indices, according to a recent report. We are just few places above countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan when it comes to gender parity. The Only silver lining here: We have jumped five places from earlier ranking.
The question is: Is it enough?
In this video today Arti Ghargi discusses about this in detail.

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