Arctic: Glass, the solution to delay the melting of the ice?

  • 2 years ago
What if we scattered glass powder to save the ice pack?
This idea was developed by Arctic Ice Project, a California-based non-profit organization.
This method would reflect the sun's rays and thus reject heat.
Thus, the ice could be reconstituted.
Finally, this technique would fight against the rise of the sea level.
This technique was first tested on lakes in Canada and the United States.
The results are quite encouraging.
If the initiators of this idea specified that it was about spreading a thin layer of glass microspheres, it would take about 50 million tons of this material to cover the 4 million km2 of the ice pack.
But some scientists question the reliability of this method.
In particular, this could have negative effects on the food chain of ecosystems..
Living species could thus ingest this material.
For the last fifty years, the extent of the Arctic ice has been shrinking.
The Arctic is a region that is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world.
It had its worst year after 2012 in 2020: During the summer, with the heat waves, the thermometer showed 20°c above the seasonal norm.
From now on, the ice is reconstituted but it becomes thinner and less robust.