The surface area of the Antarctic ice bank is at its lowest in over 40 years

  • 2 years ago
With global warming, temperatures are getting higher every year.
If the Antarctic seems to be more resistant to this climate change than the Arctic, specialists are concerned.
The Antarctic ice pack experienced a record melt in February 2022, reaching its lowest level since records began in 1978.
At the end of the austral summer, it was measured only 1.9 million km2.
This is 30% less than the average between 1981 and 2010 and this is the first time that the Antarctic ice pack has fallen below 2 million km2.
According to an American study, East Antarctica was hit by an unprecedented heat wave in March.
In the western Amundsen Sea and the eastern Ross Sea, the ice pack had completely disappeared by February 25, 2022.
This year, the sea ice had started to retreat to retreat earlier in the year (from the beginning of September) and its recovery was late (end of February).