11 months ago

The Americans, champions of plastic waste

While the United States represents less than 5% of the world population, they are the main emitters of plastic waste.
According to a report released on December 1, 2021, the average American produces 286 lbs of plastic waste per year.
This is 8 times more than a Chinese (33 lbs) and 3 times more than a French person (95 lbs).
"This is the most comprehensive and damning report on plastic pollution ever published." President of Beyond Plastics.
In 2016, the United States generated 42 million tons of plastic waste.
This is more than double that of China and almost 50% more than all European Union countries combined.
Here are the largest producers of plastic waste in a year per person:
* United States: 286 lbs
* United Kingdom: 216 lbs.
* South Korea: 194 lbs
"We can no longer ignore the role of the United States in the plastic pollution crisis, one of the greatest environmental threats facing our oceans and planet today." Christy Leavitt from the ONG Oceana
8.8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean every year in the world.
According to the report, this would be equivalent to a garbage truck being dumped into the sea every minute.
If this trend continues, it could reach 53 million tons by 2030.
To address this environmental disaster, the report recommends that the United States adopt a national strategy based, among other things, on limiting the production of non-recycled plastic by the end of 2022.