Zehni Bimari Ka Ilaj | Schizophrenia Symptoms, Treatment, Types, and Causes | Mental Disorder

  • 2 years ago
Schizophrenia is a brain or mental disorder in which individuals decipher reality strangely. Schizophrenia might bring about a mix of hallucinations and amazingly scattered reasoning and conduct that hinders day by day working, and can be debilitating. Individuals with this disorder require long lasting Schizophrenia treatment. Early treatment might assist with getting indications taken care of before genuine medical complications and may assist with working on the improvement in Schizophrenia Symptoms.
Zehni Bimari Ka Ilaj – Schizophrenia ek khatarnak dimaghi bimari he jo mareez ki sehat pe intehai buray asraat murattab karti he. Dr Iqra Naz ek mashhoor clinical physcologist hain. Unhon ne is video me Schizophrenia ke hawale se kafi mufeed maloomat farham ki hain. Mazeed janne ke liye video dekhain.