[Train Japan Shinkansen] Ride Tohoku Shinkansen Bullet Train Yamabiko, MAX Speed 320km/h!!

  • 2 years ago
We’re taking the Shinkansen Bullet Train from Tokyo to Koriyama. We found many Shinkansens at Tokyo Station!!
As you know, the Shinkansen, the Japanese Bullet Train is very fast, the maximum speed is 320km/h!
Tohoku means North East, this Tohoku Shinkansen runs from Tokyo to north area such as Sendai, Morioka and Aomori.
The Tohoku Shinkansen is classified according to the stations it stops at: #Hayabusa stops at the fewest stations with running at 320km/h, #Hayate stops at the next few stations, #Yamabiko stops at the next few stations, and #Nasuno stops at all stations.

The E5 Series will be runs from Mumbai to Ahmadabad in India in the near future!

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